CranioSacral Therapy

When you do things from your soul,
the river itself moves through you.
Freshness and a deep joy
are signs of the current.


A focus of our work is CranioSacral therapy, which is offered in the naturopathic practice KörperBewusstSein by Anna Schulz-Dornburg.


CranioSacral therapy is a body-oriented, gentle manual method for investigating and improving the function of the CranioSacral system and is based on cranial osteopathy. The CranioSacral system consists of the brain and spinal fluid as well as all membranes that envelop and protect the brain and spinal cord. It runs from the inside of the skull through the vertebral canal to the tailbone.

The CranioSacral therapy aims to reduce the loss of movement due to relaxation of the connective tissue and to promote free mobility of the brain and spinal cord membranes and thus the spinal fluid, so that the brain, spinal cord and nervous system can be strengthened.


After your concerns have been explored and clarified, further treatment takes place on the couch.

The CranioSacral rhythm and further rhythms, which are noticeable throughout the whole body, serve as foundation for the treatment.

By carefully listening and sensing, one can understand the implicit message in the symptom.

According to the individual needs of my clients, I accompany this holistic process on a physical, psychological, and interactive level. One session lasts about 60 minutes.

I work in a process- and resource-oriented way – my training, qualifications and competences support a holistic approach. My inner therapeutic approach is characterized by my presence, empathy, appreciation, and the space for development that I enable.

CranioSacral therapy can be beneficial at any age.       

Craniosacral therapy can be applied:

  • for pain management: e.g. migraines, joint and muscle pain
  • for the regeneration and regulation of the nervous system in case of overload or stress
  • for the treatment of psychosomatic complaints
  • for stabilization after physical injuries or trauma
  • to support health through resource-oriented work
  • as support during pregnancy and childbirth


The aim of the treatment is to support the body’s self-healing forces in their task.

This is achieved through impulses given either by the therapist or through internal impulses within the client, which regulate the tension in the body in a way that allows the fluid, neural, and energetic exchange processes to regain their natural function.

At the same time, body awareness is promoted. The awareness of one’s own well-being (cognitive, emotional, physical, and spiritual), enables the exploration or discovery of resources as the basis for one’s own resilience. Clients who come into contact with themselves find confidence in their own self-efficacy and a sense of inner connection, vitality and joy arises. This connection extends to themselves, to their fellow human beings and to nature.