Astrology and Self-Healing

All life vibrates according to the cosmic law. The birth chart shows an original plan that wants to be realised in the course of a lifetime.
The zodiac shows the themes that prove important in life. The planetary forces express the talents and abilities each person is very individually equipped with. The astrological houses represent the areas of life that want to be visibly integrated in life.  
In the naturopathic practice KörperBewusstSein, Gertraud Leimstättner offers individual support, which can be implemented immediately in everyday life. Her services include birth chart interpretation, astromedical counselling, transits, solar horoscope, partner horoscope, children’s horoscope, occupational supervision and genograms in conjunction with the horoscope. The consultation includes detailed discussion of the personal horoscope as well as its calculation and drawing.
The session can be recorded on request.


Astrology and medicine are interlinked. The birth chart reveals strengths and weaknesses in the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual realm. Astromedicine is a way to gain knowledge about a disease and its causes, as well as ways to overcome it.
It is possible to diagnose or – based on a prior diagnosis – to investigate the deeper causes of a disease. All therapy methods can be combined with the astrological principles and thus integrated into the astrological constellation into which a person was born. In all plants, stones, brook flowers, homeopathic remedies, etc., we also find the effect of the planets. It is possible to determine which therapy direction or which treatments can stimulate the process of self-healing. This method supports the self-healing forces by finding a suitable remedy to support the healing process.  This has proved to be useful for acute as well as for chronic diseases.


The birth chart is considered in conjunction with the current planetary state. It makes it possible to integrate the cosmic forces into the everyday course of life and to make life changes or decisions more conscious.

Solar horoscope
From the astrological consideration of the current birthday, the focus of the year’s life is revealed. Furthermore, the way changes or stabilisation enter into one’s life is considered and how the cosmic forces can be used to support this process.

Partner horoscope
By comparing birth horoscopes of two or more people, the dynamics in which the relationship is realised can be seen. The roots or the anchoring of a relationship are shown by the composite.

Children’s horoscope
The interpretation of a child’s horoscope is intended as a parenting aid to nourish the needs of the child. It also shows how the relationship between parent and child can be supported. Opportunities to promote individual development are revealed.

The special gift
The horoscope as a birthday present or for the birth of a child –  as a voucher.

Occupational supervision
Individuals, groups and teams find support when faced with professional challenges.
I provide this support by helping to discover new perspectives and opportunities in dealing with challenges and conflicts in a professional context.
I am also available for in-depth analysis of practical cases

Genogram in conjunction with the horoscope
By means of a family tree, inner patterns become recognisable and comprehensible, which may have been working in the family for generations. The horoscope helps to make imprinting patterns visible and to acknowledge them.